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Just Writing My Name Singapore 2013

Last week i joined another event by Montana Cans held by Microcity Singapore, Just Writing My Name Singapore 2013. There are 3 section opened for graffiti jam, the skate park, youth park and s*cape playspace. Click read more for more pic..

Big thanks to Microcity Singapore, ASW and all the good peoples of Singapore for having me. It's such a short time but it was great moment !

Fight Water With Fire

Finally the day comes for FAB Family x MASE crew together painting in one wall !! No need more introduction click read more for more photos..

FAB: Astronautboys, Shake, Older+, Racht4, Skeed, Cheztwo, Pope
MASE Crew: Cabi1, Netic9, Name2, Mumu, Nsane5, Tutu, Abang8

Hong Kong 2013

Hong Kong Bustle

2012 was a very busy year working, looking for a job moving to another country, city and things. So yeah you can called it less painting year i guess. For 2013 i decided to start the new year in Hong Kong. Click read more for more photos...

Hooked up with local writer, Xeme who did painted a wall with Insa and Sinic who just finished his tour to Tibet with IDT crew. Both are founder of Invasian magazine.

Cheztwo, Xeme, Sinic Hong Kong 2013

Sthrowie Singapore

So the sticker throw's up (Sthrowie) has landed in Singapore, click read more for more pics...

On The Road

On The Road: Graffiti in Vagrancy shows a 3 graffiti artist who traveled from Southeast China to Tibet. Of course they paint along the way, the featured artist are Sinic, NAN & WHYYY.

Stay Calm

"Keep Bombing And Stay Gold"
Another word to say "shut the fuck up and do the shit" since peoples busy labeling what graffiti scene really means. Send me an email if you want this print.

Jakarta Globe

A wonderful writing from Jakarta Globe for FAB Family, go check the article here !


Drips N Drops new product is out ! check the webstore now ! click read more for more photos by RACHT4

click here for more photos 

Graffiti In 66

Some kids may not know that Indonesia in 60's was quite horror, even Soekarno calls it  vivere pericoloso (the year of living dangerously). Graffiti back then used for protesting the Communist society.

Gold Bath

Click read more to get wet...


Once again KUL SIGN FESTIVAL is on !


Mock (12PM) asked me to exchange sketches, this guy been quite impressive with all of his pieces lately and i like his works so why not. click read more for the sketches..



Paper On Air

What on the media today ? Not much, just some article about FAB Family on Pikiran Rakyat and also an bootlegged broadcast about street art with Ridwan Kamil on Ardan Radio. Click read more for more..

FAB on Pikiran Rakyat, Click Here

Also the bootlegged broadcast in Indonesian of course 

They Called It Lizard’s Ruin

So the weather in Bandung isn't good enough for painting , so it takes 2 session to finished this piece. The spot is called Runtuhan Kadal (Lizard's Ruin) it's around you but you don't see it. Click read more for more pics

and voila !

The Battlefield

Chillin the day with ZNC mates, got a chance to paint at blackbook using Zenith Cans. Click read more for more photos....

AtomicK (ZNC.PHBKLIK) - Cheztwo (ZNC.FAB)
Thanks to Myow and Slacsatu \|/


FAB Family and Wadezig did it again, this time they gone out to the Karawang city companied by MBC crew to paint on a freight train. click read more for more pics

All pics are grabbed from Wadezig website, check em out to see more pics


My man RACHT 4 just launched his website, go check out his web to see his latest works. Click here

The Saints

Sirum1 is one of my favorite graffiti writers, and finally i got a chance to paint with him on a legal wall at St. Kilda beach. Lots of peoples walk through the neighborhood stopped to watched us painted the wall. Click read more for video and photos.

 Sirum1 (F1 Crew.Ironlak Family)
Cheztwo (ZNC.FAB)
Thanks to Abang8, Tues and Drips N Drops.

Bomb Track

It's been a long time since our last wall together, FAB Family's is back ! This time the team who brought you Alice In The Atlantis (2010), Shake, Skeed, Racht4 and Cheztwo bomb a big wall in the skate park. This was our latest project teamed up with Skinny Think and using Ironlak as the weapon of choice. Click read more for photos

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