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Invitation: Opening Urban Art Exhibition … WOOSAAH !!

This is an invitation to attend the opening of the art exhibition: Woosaah!!!

Friday, June 1, 2012 at 7:00-10:00 PM

Come and join the ber.seni project as it exhibits the work of 7 urban artists of Jakarta
at the ber.seni project location on Jalan Proklamasi No. 37, Menteng, Central Jakarta

Participating artists:

LYKEREX | lykerex.blogspot.com
RHARHARHA | super-rharharha.blogspot.com
Bujangan Urban | bujangan-urban.blogspot.com
Isrol Media Legal | isrolmedialegal.blogspot.com
POPO | thepopopaint.blogspot.com
Robo Wobo | therobowobo.blogspot.com
JAH IPUL | jahipul.blogspot.com

Special Music Performance :
Aman Percussion , Sindikat Senar Putus, Minimal
bersama 3 MC lintas negara Adjis Doa Ibu & Gilang + Mbak Katie Burn

The ber.seni project | Mari ber.seni bersama!
Jalan Proklamasi No. 37, Menteng, Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia, 10320

Telp: +62 21 391 37 68
Cell: +62 811 83 23 20
Website: www.berseni.com

Nike Sportswear’s Look of Sport

Installation for NSW

click here for more details

Diskusi Lanjutan Indonesian Street Art Database

Diskusi Lanjutan Indonesian Street Art Database

Tema: Presentasi Pemetaan Jejaring Komunitas Street Art Indonesia
(Pekanbaru, Medan, Aceh, Wonosobo, Magelang )

Narasumber: DHO121, Bujangan Urban, Andi RHARHARHA

Moderator : Asep Topan

Waktu: Minggu , 20 Mei 2012

Pukul 15.00 – 19.00 WIB

Tempat:Indonesian Street Art Database,
Jl. Bambu Ampel III No. D. 15 A
Komplek Paminda, Pasar Minggu
Jakarta Selatan

Kontak: 021-7800 035

Twitter : @I_S_A_D

Facebook : Isad Connexion

Web : www.indonesianstreetartdatabase.org







Visual Art Exhibition
21 – 28 April 2012
Trio Art Space, Hotel Trio Jl Sudirman 72, Magelang


Another Greenhorn adalah proses pergerakan bagi seniman-seniman baru, tak bisa dipungkiri setiap hari pasti terlahir seniman-seniman baru yang tak lain dikemudian hari akan berkembang, berjuang menjadi kaliber andalan dalam sejarah seni. Kami mencoba memberikan apa yang kami rasakan, apa yang sejauh ini kami alami dan juga yang akan selalu kami impikan ke dalam sebuah bahasa symbol, visual dalam seni rupa, yaitu karya lukis.

nama yang kami ambil untuk project ini merupakan ganjaran bagi kami dimana seniman baru sering tersandung karena dianggap remeh, dtolak karena mbaru saja tahu nama itu. Merupakan hal yang ironis dimana seseorang yang baru tidak diberikan kesempatan untuk menunjukkan taringnya dalam berkesenian, baru bukan berarti tidak memiliki qualitas atau tidak memiliki semangat juang untuk mencapai apa yang kami inginkan.

Jadwal Acara :
21 April :
15.00 : Opening
16.00 : Intuisi (musikalisasi puisi)
22 April :
11.00 : Gathering Street Art bersama I.S.A.D (Indonesian Street Art Database)
12.00 : peluncuran Rar Magazine
13.00 – Selesai : Menggambar Bersama

Para Perupa :
Tro Purwanto ( Wantedterror Kota )
Ryan Ady Putra
Arif Sulaiman
Didit Pratomo
Cholil “Ipeh”
Arif Safari
Khusna Hardiyanto
Alfian Pramananta
Ucup Dilogo
Yonaz Kristy Sanjaya
Dedy Maryadi
Andri Panjul
Agung Muliana
Ramadhan Arif Fatkhur
Gumilar Lukisani
Fajar Prasetya (Shua)
Adang Leftian Pradana
Cindy Ari Anggraeni
Raka Adityatama (Jeritan Rakyat)
Fisha Afriliana
Luckie Aditya Rachma
Doni Dermawan (NOD)
Isnain Bahar Sasmoyo
Agil Baroto Sutji
Shani Pranantyo
Roy Aditya
Yayak Dwi Kurniawan
Krisna Saputra
Priangga Septiadie

Didukung oleh :
Trio Art Space
Rumahku Art Cafe
Jaya Motor
Magelang Artpot – Pourri
RAR Magazine
Pretty Ink

Melihat Street Art dari Perspektif Seni Rupa

Diskusi Berkala ISAD:

“Melihat Street Art dari Perspektif Seni Rupa ”

Pembicara: Ade Darmawan
(direktur dan pendiri Ruangrupa)

Selasa, 3 April 2012
jam 15.00-17.00 WIB

Indonesian Street Art Database
jl. Bambu Ampel III, no. D 15 A
Komplek Paminda, Pasar MInggu
Jakarta Selatan.


Pow Wow Hawaii 2012 Recap

Pow Wow Hawaii 2012 Recap by graffuturism

After a long flight home and being able to watch Hawaii disappear in my window from the plane. I started to finally contemplate a bit. Since arriving in Hawaii it seemed like a whirlwind of activity. After trading in my sweatsuit and sneakers for shorts a shirt and flip flops I was ready to get started. Luckily Mike Bam had arrived a couple days before me and had sorted the paint issues so I was able hit the ground running.

Recently being involved with Art Basel Miami I had some idea of what an event like this might entail, but I knew this was far from being Art Basel. Pow Wow Hawaii was more than an art fair or street art festival. I had heard from fellow artists Samuel Rodriguez and Aaaron de la Cruz about Pow Wow Hawaii 2011. So when the opportunity came about to be able to take part in this event, I knew right away I had to check this out. After getting in touch with Jasper Wong who was directing the project and doing some research about last years event I knew this was going to be something special. I had been asked so what is Pow Wow why are you going to Hawaii. I really didn’t know how to answer that question at first. Street art festival, graffiti gathering? It was much more than either of those things. Only after a week in Hawaii with amazing people was I able to grasp what Powwow Hawaii was and is.

After talking to many of the original Pow Wow artists over a beer at the headquarters Fresh Cafe I had learned that last year only 9 artists took part. This year more than 40 artists made the trek and that is not counting all the artists that just showed up. After quadrupling in size you might think that a once close circle of artists might lose some of its closeness during the event. This was far from the case. With a local headquarters established at the local Fresh Cafe the artists were able to congregate exchange stories and rest from long days of painting at a common area. The reoccurring theme that set in day after day was community. The community of artists, the community of blogs such as Arrested motion, Complex, Booooooom, Hypebeast, Acclaim, High Fructose, but most importantly the local community. Volunteers, photographers, Video crews, supporters, partners, hosts, land owners, spectators, and too many more to mention Pow Wow Hawaii had it all. With trans-formative murals taking place around the Kakaako neighborhood of Honolulu from too many artists to all mention the neighborhood was transformed.

After a couple of days of Mural painting around town the artists finally were able to celebrate with some live painting and collaborating at the opening party at Loft in Space Gallery. From International artists to talented Local artists, graffiti artists, street artists, and so much more. All labels were left at the door and that same concept of community took over. We are very appreciative and lucky to have been a part of such a well organized and important event. After the dust settled the liquor wore off and walls were given there final touches, we celebrated with a traditional luau at the Pow Wow compound on the North Shore. Gracious hosts, amazing food, and old fashion writers bench style circles where legends, rising stars, and everyone in between sat and exchanged black books, stories and a memorable moment we wont all forget.

text by Graffuturism

Kul Sign 2012 Recap

Our friend from Sungai Klang Art Gallery, Malaysia sent us some pictures of
Kul Sign Festival back in February 2012.

Kul Sign Festival debuted in Dec 2010 to rejuvenate the Klang River bank’s
concrete walls with new artwork (although the location was already a grffiti mecca
amongst local & regional graffiti artists in he past few years,
when graffiti art started to boom in KL).

Swatch Malaysia worked with 2 popular local graffiti & mural artists- Katun & Monche
for 2 pieces of Swatch-inspired artwork for the artists to express themselves and for
the public to have photo opp with. Here are the artwork.



Jaybo Monk “Silent Listen” @ Soze Gallery Opening Pictures



When you think about graffiti, painter isn’t always the first thing that comes to our mind. A painter in the sense of Velazquez, or Titian, or a force like Bacon or Malevich. Graffiti rarely is spoken in the same sentence. Jaybo Monk is one of the exceptions. Jaybo Monk is a modern day master. Not only does he work primarily in spray paint, but he uses it in the spirit of a painter. Jaybo has been a long favorite of ours so it was great to see him finally make the trip to the states, and what better trip to arguably one of the hottest art markets in America Los Angeles. Thanks to Carlos Gonzalez we were able to get these great photos of the opening.

Jaybo Monk capped his 3 week residency off at newly launched Soze Gallery with an opening solo exhibition titled “Silent listen”. We had the pleasure of spending the weekend before the opening with Jaybo. An amazing man Jaybo has a quality in him that is rare. Coined Jayboisms you can see the manner of the artist as a humble person understanding the complexities in life and how fast things can change. Jaybo having been through hard times himself knows first hand the importance of the moment. His paintings reflect this moment and how important it is to seize it.  A paradigm shift within graffiti, a move towards painting. As we mentioned earlier a graffiti painter who utilizes the tools and tradition that they have grown up with, and to bring something fresh to it. To take these tools, mix in some new techniques and paint with flesh and shape form is amazing to be able to witness. We watch with intrigue as the doors have opened and a new form of art emerges, Jaybo is one of the artists at the forefront of this movement.

With beautiful form, contorted compositions and flesh, “Silent Listen” delivers a strong showing.




KEUKEN #2 Recap

Some snaps from KEUKEN #2 :The Flavorsome Intimacy last month
in Saparua, Bandung. More pics after the jump.

The Yellow Dino along with Bedlam & TellThem has an opportunity to paint at Lee Cooper area
as part of the event. Check my previous post for more snaps from the live painting session.
Although rain didn’t stop, people keep coming and their enthusiasm make it
such an enjoyable night. All photos taken by Keuken Team.
See you on the next event!


Kosmopolite Art, started at Bagnolet in 2002, Kosmopolite is the first international graffiti festival in France and it has grown bigger to other countries. Jakarta is one of kosmopolite connection in Asia. Kosmopolite goals are to introduce graffiti to the general audience and explore the concept of intercultural links.

Kosmopolite Artist Line Up :
FR : Lazoo / Kongo.
HLD : Besok.
IDN : Darbotz / Wormo / Nsane5 / Kims / Tutu / Shake / Netic / Older+ / Koma / Hest1.

The Workshop
Workshop Kosmopolis @D’Gallerie Barito No 3,
Start at 1-2 December 2011, kosmopolite association will creating project to show the graffiti culture in interactive way which share their knowledge and technique to showing their love and passion to the next generations.

Graffology @BINUS University
In modern days graffiti become a culture. The event covers the beginning and history of modern graffiti in variety of their countries around the world.

The Exhibition
Exhibition Kosmopolis @D’gallerie Barito No 3,
3 December the Parisian and Indonesian Graffiti artist will set up an exhibition of canvas artwork showing their emotions to the world. Aesthetic and conceptual analogies develop by artists with various backgrounds.

Kosmo Jamming @Kemang Futsal
Each Graffiti artist performs and expresses their visions in to the walls on their graffiti, it is not only about street-art it can be interested more like contemporary art which esthetic and good value on it.

To see photos of the event you can click here

More info go to kosmo-art-tour.com

The White Canvas Project: LA Jam



We had the pleasure during our quick trip to Los Angeles of catching up with She One. She One was doing a little bit of live painting on LA women which we weren’t able to photograph. Here are some of the pictures we were able to shoot from the opening. The opening titled “THE LA JAM” was part of Supremebeing’s white canvas project. She one’s installation constructed of found materials, signs and a firebird carhood stood out.  All around a solid show from a mixture of graffiti and street artists which included works and installations from Leba, Food One, Koffinz, Memuco, DSC Death Spray Custom, David Walker & SheOne . If you are in LA make sure to check it out at iam8bit.



Rain City Strike

Pics & video from MUTE at Rain City Strike, Bogor.
Writers who join the session are (left – right) Cadu, Mufio, Pru Art, Bebe, Mr.Puppy2,
Ononymous, Gaz, Rain, Kum, Noah, Yope, Mocho, Read, Boom, Slim, Noiz, Gth, Rulz,
Flurry Artz, Hood. Reyz8, Bled, Labersquad.

Full wall HERE

ASKEW ONE Video Teaser “Smoke Signals” Solo Exhibition

A must watch video from the talented Askew One. This video touches on Askew’s recent travels and transition towards an upcoming Solo Exhibition. We are excited to see what direction Askew will take in the his new work. We look forward to sharing some photos from the exhibit soon.



PEMUTARAN FILM Exit Through the Gift Shop|The Story of Art in the Streets | jumat |20.00| SIKU KELUANG

Jl.Dwikara No.2 Gabah – Pekanbaru | Jam: 20.00 Wib | Gratis !!!



STREET ART MEDAN – Heaven Spot Launching Event

HeavenSpot Launching Party

Minggu, 4 maret 2012
Waroeng Kupi, Jln.Darussalam No.65
Medan-Sumatera Utara
Jam 09.00 sampe selesai.

___Throw Up Battle____
*Pendaftaran Rp 5.000
*Media Triplek
*Peserta membawa minimal 2 aerosol

___Tag Battle____
*Pendaftaran GRATIS
*Media Kaca
*Peralatan disediakan panitia

___Graffiti Performance____

more info
0852.9780.9808 (Angga)


Pameran STENCIL ART di Gardu House

:: MAJOR RAZOR :: Stencil Art Exhibition

March 3rd 19.00 – 24.00 ( Opening Exhibition )
March 4th 15.00 – Till End ( Stencil Workshop )
Exhibition March 3rd – March 17th
GARDUHOUSE @ Carburator Springs
Jl. Veteran Raya No.13 Gg H. Ropiah / Route 66
Tanah Kusir ,Jakarta Selatan – Indonesia

Exhibition Artist :
ALIAS (Germany) . ANTI TANK (Indonesia) . ASARO (Mexico) . BTOY (Spain)
CABAIO (Argentina) . DECYCLE (Germany) . EGAUSELESS (Indonesia)
GLAM RURY (Poland) . JINKS KUNST (France) . JMX (Indonesia)
OWYS (Germany) . POTBLOT KEN (Germany) . QUINT (Indonesia)
ROAR (Indonesia) . SOT ICY (Iran) . SSST (Indonesia)

Stencil Performance :
GLAM RURY (Poland)
SSST (Indonesia)

Live Performance :

See YEAH! Fellas..Thanks..RESPECT!

Oleh: Ones Onesan


Besok Diskusi Street Art : Ekspresi Politis, Pencarian Jati Diri Anak Muda dan Kuasa Pasar

Diskusi Berkala Indonesian Street Art Database
Tema: Street Art: Ekspresi Politis, Pencarian Jati Diri Anak Muda dan Kuasa Pasar
Pembicara: Dr. Doreen Lee
(Asisten profesor di Departemen Antropologi Northeastern University, Amerika Serikat. Penelitiannya di Indonesia mencakup tema politik, sejarah, budaya visual dan globalisasi)
Waktu: Rabu, 29 Februari 2012, pukul 15.00-17.00 WIB
Tempat: Indonesian Street Art Database,
Jl. Bambu Ampel III No. D. 15 A
Komplek Paminda, Pasar Minggu
Jakarta Selatan
Kontak: 021-7800 035

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